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For the best selling doll clothes books, the money is on Fancywork and Fashion.
Each book is a collection of full-size sewing patterns to fit 18" vinyl dolls. Great value and a perfect fit every time.

  • Sewing Patterns and Books for 18" Dolls

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As of December 31, 2016, I will be retiring after 27 years in business as Fancywork and Fashion. Following liquidation of my personal inventory, my books will continue to be available through F&W Media. You can contact them at

My patterns, however, will no longer be available.

Thank you for your support and patronage over the years. It was a pleasure to share my doll clothing designs with you. I hope you will continue to bring joy to yourself and others by sewing for dolls!

What's New?


Heritage Doll Clothes

Celebrate America's signature fashions—on a smaller scale! For the first time in one book, you'll find 20 historical outfits for your 18-inch doll, all based on popular looks from decades past.
Taking pre-orders now!
As a special bonus, I will send a bonus project to everyone who orders by December 1. It is an adorable 1950s-style lace hat that is perfect for all dressy occasions. Don't miss out- order now!

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Doll Clothes For Everyday...

New Book Doll Clothes For Everyday Play: 6 Outfits...
By Joan Hinds

Everything little girls and their dolls need for an entire day of play! 6 complete outfits, from costumes to pajamas. Lots of bonus accessories included.
(10% discount from listed price)

NEW! (ON SALE $2.50)


The Twins at Play

Pattern for Denim Outfits for 15” Baby Dolls. Includes Overalls with contrasting cuffs, Jumper with hand embroidery, Knit t-shirt, and a Knit shirt with collar and puffed sleeves.

NEW! (ON SALE $4.50)


Doll Costume Dress Up

New Book Doll Costume Dress Up
By Joan Hinds

From super hero to princess, pumpkins to mermaid, these adorable doll costumes for the 18-inch doll will ignite your child's imagination. Joan brings together a collection of twenty fun and creative costumes, letting children enjoy the magic of dress-up with their dolls year round.
(10% discount from listed price)

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Doll Fashion Studio

New Book Doll Fashion Studio
By Joan Hinds

Sew 20 seasonal outfits for your 18" doll. Make these adorable outfits for an entire year of fun adventures and special occasions! Bonus! 8 simple accessory projects for young beginners.

Click this link to see a 360-degree view of each outfit.

(10% discount from listed price)

NEW! (ON SALE $12.00)